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In Store Luggage Service Sizes


SM 25LBS / 11 KGS 45 IN / 114 CM


MD 50LBS / 22 KGS 62 IN / 157 CM


LG 75LBS / 34 KGS 74 IN / 187 CM

Measuring a Suitcase:
1. Use a tape measure and place it on one side of the luggage and run it across the front to the other side. Do this to measure the length, width and height of your suitcase and write down the numbers in inches, not feet or cm. Airlines use total inches to determine maximum allowable luggage size.
2. When measuring the suitcase height, make sure to measure the suitcase from the floor to the top of the bag, not just from the bottom of the bag to the top of the bag. Wheels and protruding handles are included when taking these measurements. Do not make the mistake of not including the wheels and handles!
3. If your suitcase has expandable outer pockets and those pockets will be filled while travel is taking place, make sure to take the measurements when the pockets are full. If you are over by even one inch, the airlines will charge you the oversize fee. Do not overlook expandable pockets.
4. Weigh your luggage after you pack it. If it is too heavy, you will be charged overweight fee. You can do this by simply standing on a bathroom scale. We suggest you first step on the scale yourself and record your weight. Step off, grab the suitcase and step back on the scale. Subtract the difference and you have your weight of your bag. We prefer this method over weighing your bag by itself.